Micki Alsin
Elementary Support
Kasey Eoriatti
Elementary Support
Lynda McLuen
Middle School Support

The Student Support Team models, instructs, and embraces the Catholic faith throughout our lessons with the students.


The student support team works to improve academic achievement for all students. The team analyzes data, collaborates with classroom teachers, plans individualized interventions, monitors progress, and identifies students who would benefit from 1-1 or small group sessions with a support teacher. Students identified for support typically meet with teachers in a 1-1 or small group setting in the student support classrooms. Student support teachers often co-teach in regular classrooms particularly in middle school.


Our focus is to improve the academic achievement for all students.

Special Activities

All three of the support teachers collaborate with the Student Intervention Team (SIT) to determine the academic and/or behavioral needs of the student using data analysis and staff input.