Here at Saint Francis, we use Directory Spot to share contact information with our school community.  Directory Spot is an online family directory.  It provides a quick and easy way to contact families here at SFA School.  Our phones have become an integral part of our lives, and as long as our phone is close, so is our SFA directory. You can also access the directory, once you have your account and password set up, via the internet at  or via the Android or Apple app.

For your security, the directory is by invite only.  As a new family, you will receive an email on how to set up your account.  The email detailed how you can download the app and directs you on setting up a password for your account.  Only SFA families can access our directory...keeping your contact information secure.  

Information for the directory is pulled directly from Powerschool.  If for some reason, information is missing or incorrect, you can fix the information in Powerschool yourself. Simply login to the Powerschool portal and click on E-Registration on the left hand menu to change your info.  Monthly updates will be pulled from Powerschool at the beginning of each month. (FYI...parental information is pulled from the “Contact 1” and “Contact 2” fields).  If you want to be sure of what information is going in the directory for your family look at those fields in your Powerschool account.  If you notice information not being updated properly, please contact the school and we can look into it.

Directory Spot gives you the ability to see more than just contact information. You can look up class lists by teacher and find info that way. By clicking on a families address, one can open it in Google Maps and get directions, nice for play dates and birthday parties! You can also find our school calendar there. It really is a great little community tool, and if you haven't tried it...we suggest you give it a shot!

We hope that those of you who have used the Directory Spot app have enjoyed using it and have found it simple to use.  Those who have misplaced the registration email, or simply just haven’t set up an account yet...feel free to reach out if you need assistance.  Contact Jason Southward at to get connected.