Emily Behrens
Sarah Schliesman
Rachelle Hentges

Our kindergartners participate in guided reading groups and centers 4 days a week. We are able to meet each child’s individual literacy needs through these groups and centers.


We have created a motivating and challenging program to teach sight words to our students. Each student masters our kindergarten sight word list at their own pace earning a spot on our sight word wall for each list mastered.


We utilize Prayer Bear in kindergarten as a way to connect the prayers learned at school with family prayer at home. Each child takes Prayer Bear home for a week. During this week he/she will share the prayers learned at school as well as record any special prayers said at home. At the end of the week, the student returns Prayer Bear and the journal to school to share with classmates.

Social Connections

Our kindergarten students are each paired with an 8th grade buddy. These buddies attend weekly school mass with us to model reverent behavior. We also plan several fun activities outside of mass to do with our buddies throughout the year. It is always fun to see the special bond formed between the kindergartners and 8th graders.