Tiffany Murphy
Sarah Schliesman
Rachelle Hentges

Kindergarten incorporates faith-based learning throughout the day. The student’s participate in weekly mass and learn the prayers. Our curriculum allows the students to learn prayers, sacraments, and bible stories. Students pray before starting the day, before eating a snack and lunch, and right before dismissal. They are also given an opportunity to offer a special intention regularly.

Our kindergarten students attend mass weekly, and are paired with an 8th grade buddy. These buddies attend weekly school mass with us to model reverent behavior. We also plan several fun activities outside of mass to do with our buddies throughout the year. It is always fun to see the special bond formed between kindergartners and 8th graders.

We utilize Prayer Bear in kindergarten as a way to connect the prayers learned at school with family prayer at home. Each child takes Prayer Bear home for a week. During this week, he/she will share the prayers learned at school and record any special prayers said at home. At the end of the week, the student returns Prayer Bear and the journal to school to share with classmates.


Our approach to kindergarten early literacy development is hands-on and multisensory. Our phonics program is aligned with the science of reading and builds strong phonemic awareness skills. We teach math through the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and science through engaging units such as winter survival, states of matter, and plants. Social Studies focuses on seasonal cycles, holidays, and the community. We use an inquiry based approach to promote student lead learning and critical thinking.


Our focus is to teach the whole child by supporting their character and social emotional development as well as their academic learning. We create a faith-filled, safe, loving, and fun learning environment.

Special Activities

During the school year, we expand the students’ learning by incorporating many engaging presenters. The students enjoy learning from a spooky scientist, a dentist, firefighters, an author, and an animal conservationist. We also enjoy field trips throughout the school year to enhance our curriculum.