Lisa Anderson
5th Grade
Jamie Rempe
5th Grade
Amy Tallman
5th Grade

Every class will prepare and lead a school mass this fall. On All Saints Day, we will have a Saints Wax Museum. The students will each pick a saint to dress up like and prepare a speech to inform others about their saints. Parents will be invited into the building for that event. Fifth grade also leads a school wide rosary service. Some of the topics we cover include: saints, parts of mass, 10 commandments, and liturgical seasons.


Science & Social Studies — Mrs. Anderson
Our first big thing we do with Social Studies is Biztown. Students will learn the importance of how an economy works, how to budget their money, write checks, keep a check register, and have responsibilities to operate a business. In Science, we focus on the scientific process in everything we do. We do a lot of experiments to provide a “hands on” learning experience.

Math — Mr. Holben
The big ideas for math include: adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, developing understanding of multiplying and dividing fractions, extending division to two-digit divisors, using operations with decimals to the hundredths, and understanding volume.

Language Arts — Mrs. Rempe
We will concentrate on the writing process which includes brainstorming, prewriting, drafting, editing and publishing. We will also spend time learning how to correctly format a paper using Google Docs during the publishing component of the process. Daily writing will also occur using a Writer’s Notebook. The following papers will be composed throughout the year:
– Four types of writing (narrative, informative, explanatory, persuasive)
– Skills (punctuation, capitalization, usage and expression)
– Writer’s Notebook/Journaling

The fifth graders will be studying one genre a month. They will be required to read at least one book in that genre each month and there will be a project each month centered around that genre. We also work on skills such as summarizing, identifying theme, comparing & contrasting, making inferences, and citing text evidence.


We focus on providing an environment where our students can thrive with age appropriate spiritual, personal, and academic responsibilities.

Special Activities

Some of the special activities that we do in fifth grade include: Biztown, Life on the Prairie, Saints Wax Museum, Architecture Tour, and having a 1st Grade Buddy.