Sara Doyle
4th Grade
Mary Stumbo
4th Grade
Danielle Winter
4th Grade




In fourth grade, our goal is for students to be active participants in the Mass. We study the parts of the Mass and encourage students to improve their prayer lives through open conversations with God. Students will also focus on the 10 commandments, Corporal Works of Mercy, sacraments, and do an in-depth scripture study during Lent. Our hope is to have students make their faith their first priority in all they say and do.


Within the classroom, we will work on a variety of activities to allow the students to show growth in all curriculum areas. In math, a big focus is on long multiplication and division. Our main goal in social studies is to study events and developments of the US regions. In science, students will learn about the weathering and erosion, energy, and plants and animals function in a biome. Reading allows students to experience a variety of genres, as well as learning comprehension strategies through class novels and guided reading. Students in fourth grade will compose a personal narrative, an opinion paper, and go through the writing process through a research report.


The fourth grade focus is to create critical, lifelong thinkers in all areas and promote a growth mindset in our students. We encourage collaboration among our students to create a positive and welcoming learning community. Fourth grade also focuses on being Christ centered individuals through the use of PBIS to reinforce positive behavior and making the right choices because that is how we strive to live our lives as Christians.

Special Activities

There are a few activities in fourth grade that seem to always stand out! One experience is performing the Because of Winn-Dixie play after reading the novel. Another favorite is the biome fair in science. Students will research the biome characteristics and then create that biome using clay plants and animals. Students also experiences meditations throughout the year to grow in their relationship with Christ. Wow, fourth grade is full of fun!