The focus in third grade religion is building a strong faith community.  We discuss our church community and also work at creating a strong classroom community.  This is achieved through weekly class meetings, prayer services, and intentions. In addition, Bible study is an element of third grade religion. We believe that growth in faith is a lifelong journey.  Therefore, religion is integrated into all aspects of our school day.

Invention Convention

A highlight of third grade is the Invention Convention.  Students learn about the six simple machines in our Force and Motion science unit.  The students design a realistic invention that includes at least one of the simple machines.  Parents are invited to attend this fun event that showcases the students’ learning and creativity.


In third grade students will receive instruction in the following areas: religion, reading, writing, math, cursive handwriting, science and social studies.  Our goal is to integrate technology and media while promoting a growth mindset in all of our students.

Positive Behavior

Positive Behavior Intervention Supports, PBIS, is a school-wide management system geared towards acknowledging and reinforcing positive behavior. Students will be rewarded with individual and class tickets, as well as verbal praise for positive behaviors.  In addition, third grade will use an approach called TRY (Take Responsibility Yourself) for promoting consistent discipline and a sense of responsibility.