The focus in third grade religion is building a strong faith community. We discuss our church community and also work at creating a strong classroom community. This is achieved through weekly class meetings, prayer services, and intentions. In addition, Bible study is an element of third grade religion. We believe that growth in faith is a lifelong journey. Therefore, religion is integrated into all aspects of our school day.


In third grade we will work on a variety of activities to allow the students to show growth in all curriculum areas. In math, a big focus is on understanding the concepts of multiplication and division. In social studies and science the students will be following the new standards which allow for more critical thinking and project-based learning. Reading will allow students to experience a variety of genres and learn comprehension strategies. Students in third grade will go through the writing process through many different types of writing. Our goal is to promote a growth mindset in our students as they work through the third grade curriculum.


In third grade will be using the CER Model (claim, evidence and reasoning) throughout the curriculum. They will collaborate with their classmates to problem-solve and discuss topics critically. Another main focus for third graders will be to move from learning to read to reading to learn to improve their comprehension in all areas.

Special Activities

Some highlights in third grade include an author study, creating a shelter for severe weather, and creating an animal to live in a specific habitat.