Diane Murphy
1st Grade
Carol Gaul
1st Grade
In first grade, the students learn that God made us all and the world we live in. The students learn that God asks us to use the gifts and talents He gave us to pray and spread the light of Christ to others.
In first grade, the students learn to become more independent learners in the areas of Reading, Math and Writing through a variety of hands-on activities and lessons.

Our ultimate focus for our first graders is for them to be life-long followers of Christ and to share their love of Christ every day of their lives.

Special Activities

First graders get to have 5th grade buddies who help them develop friendships with others and who help our first graders learn how to be responsible in prayer during Mass times.

Our first graders also collaborate with our Art teachers by attending a field trip to Ledges State Park where they use items in nature to create sculptures modeled around the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Another highlight of the first grade is hatching chicks as part of our animal unit in Science.

First grade also incorporates a variety of STEM activities into our regular curriculum throughout the school year.