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As parents, providing your child with an outstanding education, in an environment that fosters the development of their Catholic faith and deepens their love of God, is the most important gift you can give. St. Francis of Assisi School can provide this experience, with rewards that will last your student’s lifetime.

St. Francis is a K-8 school community with three sections of each grade. Classroom size averages 25 students with teacher associates in each K-2 classroom. Our students excel in a safe, nurturing environment under the leadership of a faith-filled, caring and professional faculty and staff. We adhere to a traditional philosophy regarding homework, discipline and dress code and we expect and encourage each student to achieve to the best of their ability.

• The overall complete composite scores on the Iowa Assessment are at 90% and above for 3rd-8th grade students.
• Over 90% of St. Francis of Assisi School graduates are on their high school honor roll.
• Students receive high levels of academic instruction from teachers who are passionate and dedicated to educating our students. 23% of the school staff has advanced degrees. Over 85% of the staff has reached their 7th anniversary with St. Francis during the 14 years ours doors have been opened.
• Students provide over 3000 volunteer hours last year.
• Technology is a priority. Every classroom is equipped with a smart board, projector, 2 student computers, and 1-2 iPads. In addition, students have access to 2 computer labs, 3 iPad carts, and 2 laptop carts.

St. Francis School students grow in their Catholic faith and beliefs. Gospel teachings are integrated into the curriculum. The school day begins and ends with prayer, we celebrate weekly all-school Liturgies and gather as a school family for prayer services and to honor Mary by praying the Rosary. Our students receive in depth sacramental preparation. Outreach to the less fortunate is fostered through monthly mission recipients and our middle school students contribute over 1,700 service hours to the community.

If you are interested in learning more about St. Francis of Assisi School, please contact us at sfaschool@saintfrancisschool.org. We would appreciate the opportunity to visit with you and answer any questions you may have.

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