First Week of School!

Great start to the school year. It has been wonderful to have students back in the building. We appreciate all your patience with our new procedures with the start of the 20-21 school year and helping your children adjust to these procedures!

Thank you to all who purchased items from the Amazon wish list!  It is greatly appreciated. 

New Devices – 3rd,4th,5th Grade – We have made an investment in your student’s learning by acquiring chromebooks for all students in grades 3-5.  These chromebooks were delayed the last couple weeks, but are now en route to the school.  This allows the school to push our current chromebook and iPad stock to the lower grade levels.  If you are interested in purchasing a cover/case for your student’s device here is a link for specifications.  

Recess volunteers are to start on Monday, August 31st.  Please report to a staff member outside by the playground. 

Saint Francis of Assisi School Car Line things are going very well overall – but we can make it better and safer. Things you should know and do:

  • SLOW DOWN.  Kids and adults are walking through the lot, up to and around cars.
  • In the PM – What will happen if the weather is bad?  Students (no matter the pick up spot) will wait inside.  Teachers will be outside looking at the cars and calling in the last names of the kids that need to come outside.  Pick up in your regular locations. (4/5 and middle school will be in the Gathering Space listening for names.
  • This brings us to the name cards!!!!!!! We absolutely need everyone to place their last names on their visor and drop it down for pick up.  Not every staff member knows every car or family.  On bad weather days the staff members need to be able to look quickly and call/walkie talkie names into the building.
  • Car line is done in 15-20 minutes across the campus.  So, please be sure you are here before 3:35 for pick up.   
  • Many people use our campus – people coming for meetings in the parish offices, potential families coming to visit the school, staff for the school and parish – so please share the parking lot with all those coming and going.  Be courteous.
  • In the PM – Please don’t roll along and try to get your child’s attention.  It causes everything to slow down and often sets a chain reaction of cars behind you stopping too early.  We want everyone to pull as forward as possible so we can load as many cars as we can at one time.  
  • Once you have picked up you can pull out of the pick up lane and move into the lane next to and CAREFULLY move along to exit the parking lot.
  • The 6, 7, 8 corner takes longer than any other pick up points.  The middle school line is quite long this year and we are causing issues on 72nd.  If you’ve moved over from a section where your car pool should be, please move back to help us not cause issues on the public streets. 

The St. Francis Cub Scout Pack 888 will be starting fall programming in September.  Cub Scouting provides children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade the chance to explore the outdoors, learn healthy habits, and begin understanding their duty to God and their country.  Cub Scout programs also strive to instill 12 core values including being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Courteous, and Brave.  Fall activities will include a campout at Walnut Woods Park and overnight stays at the Science Center of Iowa along with other fun outdoor adventures.  The Pack will require participants to wear masks during activities, holding activities outdoors as much as possible, and practicing social distancing to keep the events safe, but still fun. For those families who are more comfortable with a remote experience, meetings will also have virtual options.  Please visit for a short informational video.
Opportunities to join the Pack include:
Tuesday September 1st at 6:30PM
Maytag Scout Center, 6123 Scout Trail, Des Moines
Tuesday October 6th at 6:30PM
Maytag Scout Center, 6123 Scout Trail, Des Moines

If you are interested in learning more, a ‘Get to Know the Pack’ virtual Zoom meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30PM – email Colleen Beaver at for the access code.