Auction News

Have you heard the big auction announcement? OUT OF UNIFORM PASSES ARE NOW ON SALE! Visit and click on VIEW ITEMS to purchase your passes as an instant buy for $10/pass. Please note that the purchase of auction event tickets is required (attendance at $75/person or bid-only at $25/person) to receive your out of uniform passes!

How do I receive my pass(es)? Upon purchase of pass(es) and auction event tickets (attendance or bid-only), physical passes will be distributed each Thursday, and sent home from school with your oldest student.

Rules: 5 out of uniform passes per student per year are available for purchase. Out of uniform passes can be used once per month and on Fridays only. Please note that teacher discretion may limit certain Fridays. Expires 5/29/20.

How do I use my pass(es)? Please have your student submit their pass to their teacher on the day of use.

Have questions? Contact Brianna Umthun at brianna.umthun@gmail.comThank you for supporting THE KIDS!