Home & School

All parents/guardians with children enrolled in St. Francis School and faculty/administration are members of our Home and School Association and shall enjoy all rights and privileges of membership, including voting, the ability to hold offices and to participate on committees. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in and support St. Francis School’s parent organization.

The Mission of the Association is:

  • To embrace the spirituality of St. Francis, challenging us to be instruments of peace and love, and to coordinate spiritual and educational forces of home and school in a Catholic educational setting.
  • To promote a cooperative/close working relationship between parents, teachers and students and the parish to further the goals of Catholic education.
  • To foster understanding and communication between administration, parents and faculty so that all students may achieve their highest potential spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and academically.
  • To actively support the school, faculty and the Board of Education as it relates to St. Francis of Assisi day school.
  • To raise funds for the support of Catholic education and to be a resource for volunteers.

HOME AND SCHOOL MEETING DATES: Home & School will meet at noon on the dates listed below in the RE Conference Room, located across the hall from the parish office. Please enter through the hallway just behind the parish office/faith formation office.

• Thursday, September 20th • Thursday, February 21st
• Thursday, October 18th • March-No Meeting
• Thursday, November 5th • Thursday, April 18th
• December-No Meeting • Thursday, May 16th
• Thursday, January 17th

These are casual working meetings. Please feel free to bring your lunch and/or younger children! Due to the security system in the school, please enter through the south parish office doors or the south church entrance for meetings.

Home & School Exec and Committee Chairs